“My fire department purchased one of the 14-inch diamond blades for a rescue saw from Robert and WL Construction Supply. I will have to say this is the BEST diamond blade I have ever used. After trying the diamond blade we also purchased the starter pack of reciprocating saw blades from Robert, both the diamond blade and reciprocating blades are top quality and out perform all of the commercially available blades that we have tried. Robert is great to work with and provides excellent service!”

B. Mansfield
Fire Chief
Pipestem VFD
Pipestem, WV

“Robert and WL Construction Supply have done an amazing job of supplying us with the best quality blades on the market today. The customer service alone has been far beyond their competitors. Robert went out of his way to make sure the blades we were getting were the right ones for our lines of service. The quality of the product is amazing as well. I am getting 3 times the life expectancy out of WL blades. This has saved us tons of money over the last year helping our bottom line.”

J. Behee
Rose Paving Co.

“We had a recent event where one of our initial responding Truck Companies (fire department) was using a competitor’s blade to cut through 1/4″ mild steel tread plate. They were having VERY limited success, the Rescue Company following them was carrying the same saw with a USED (training) WL Rescue Master 14″ and it “walked away from the other one” according to the Captain on scene. In real time that was a 4 foot by 4 foot hole just under 30 min. Two tanks of fuel were consumed, and the blade still shows very little wear. They do cost twice as much as the blades we were previously using, but they have now proven, under fire, they are worth the added cost. We have already started phasing them in as replacements.

D. Hargis

“We are a small fire company in upstate New York. We found that when we do training with our gas powered equipment (K12 saw) it becomes very costly because of the blade replacement. I received a call from WL Construction Supply about their new blades and did some quick research and price comparison and found that we could train and work with this blade without having to change blades, also it did not matter what material we where cutting it did the job. If it ever goes out I will get another one.”

E. Lewis
Fire Chief
Monterey Vol. Fire Co. Inc.

“I must say at first, I was very skeptical of how one diamond blade could be any better than the next, but when Robert from WL Construction Supply gave us the opportunity to try one of his blades “risk free”, I am now sold. This has to be the best blade on the market. As the Chief of Operations, I am always looking for more efficient and economical ways to accomplish the mission. Having used WL Construction’s 14’’ diamond blade for both training and rescue applications during the past several months, this single blade is still cutting like the day we received it. The difference in cost between this blade and other less expensive blades will be easily gapped with dependability and efficiency. I highly recommend this blade to any fire department looking to make quick work of a cut job.”

R. Cramer
Bluffton Township Fire District
Bluffton South Carolina

“We have purchased concrete cutting blades from WL Construction Supply for the past two years and they are the best that we have found to date. Robert is great about calling back and checking on us throughout the year. Service is superb!

M. Lowry
President, Turfmaster Inc.
Memphis, TN

“Ordered two K12 blades from WL Construction Supply and they are far surpassing expectations and even better than the sales pitch given by the company! Great accounting department, great service follow-up and a super promotion now for fire departments.”

B. Matthews
Bassfield Fire and Rescue, MS